What I teach

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Private Class

I’m not a Doctor.
I’m not a Physiotherapist.
I’m a Yoga Teacher, and I know how to move the body intelligently.

Ways to do it:

These are some of the reasons why people choose private lessons with me:

  • New to Yoga
  • To advance the practice tailored to their own ability
  • Learning methods to strengthen/open certain areas (i.e. back and neck)
  • Improve technique
  • Tips and tricks to build strength and stability for advanced asanas
  • Convenience and timesaving

60 minutes: 1000 kr / 90 minutes: 1300

Corporate Class

I teach classes for a few corporations. The style of yoga is based on the level of the people participating. The classes are held at your workplace in a suitable space, i.e. a gym room, the canteen, a big meeting room, or a terrace.

I usually offer a free tryout class to corporations that are interested in offering yoga to their employees. The corporation is then free to decide whether they wish to continue the practice or not.

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