Peru Yoga and Surf Retreat 2020

Peru Yoga & Surf Retreat

3 - 13 April 2020

Excited to announce a new Peru retreat happening Easter 2020!

Craving sea, surf & yoga everyday? Pacasmayo is the perfect place where you can unwind and have the adventure of your life surfing an epic wave. 

Join us for a week or ten days at this magical place on the north coast of Peru, where you’ll find one of the worlds longest wave. We’ll be staying in Pacasmayo, a little fishing town hidden away from noisy tourism and neon lights. Only an hour flight from Lima, it is easy to get to, but luckily still not over-populated by tourists. 

Here you will find the peace and tranquility you need, while having legendary waves at your doorstep. Surf the long left breaks, practice yoga every day, and eat food that makes your belly happy. What more to want? Come and enjoy this place with likeminded people for an unforgettable week of fun and serenity!

Who are the hosts? 
The passionate Yogi, Iris Straume, and Chef extravagance Johan Erkkila. 

Playful and heartfelt yoga

Pay attention. Rewind and rebound. Yoga is a practice of mindful movement, where we learn to sit with ourselves either in stillness or in motion. Iris will meet you wherever you are in your practice, and see that you get the most out of your week with us.

Choose between two options:

Yoga Immersion: daily morning practice & evening workshops. For those who wants to get the most out of their practice and dive deep. 

Surfer’s Yoga: Yoga once a day.

Healthy, filling meals

Breakfast and dinner buffet for the health conscious. Lovingly cooked by chef Johan Erkkila.

We want to help the local community in Pacasmayo, therefore lunch at local restaurants is encouraged. 

Our meals are catered for vegans and pesceterians. We source local ingredients and fish to use in our cooking. 

Surfing & Kitesurfing

Pacasmayo offers the world’s longest break. Most days are perfect for longboarders and beginners. The occasional big waves are still mellow and easy to surf.

The southerly wind picks up around noon, transforming the surf spot to a kitesurfing mecca.


Who are we?

Iris Straume

A yoga practitioner over 10 years, and teaching full time in Oslo. Her background is Ashtanga Yoga, but over time her practice and teaching has shifted more towards Vinyasa. Her aim in teaching is to help people experience a deeper mind/body connection. She will to cater for every need on this retreat, wether you're a beginner yogi, or an experienced practitioner.
Iris has been a kitesurfer for many years, and got hooked on wave kiting and surfing after experiencing Peru in 2017. Follow Iris' journey on Instagram @irisstraume

Johan Erkkila

Chef and entrepreneur Johan has reversed his career from being a high-end chef working day and night, to finding a more conscious approach to life. After experiencing the deterioration of his health from a stressful lifestyle, he became passionate about finding a healthier way to live through nutritional food and life optimisation hacks. He now works to help people find sustainable ways to eat healthier, and have more fun cooking. In his own words: "Food is fun, food is passion". Follow Johan's food journey on Instagram: @fungikokken

Who are you?

You can be any age, shape, or size. The only prerequisite is that you are open-minded, and that you either love yoga or being in the ocean - or both! The coastal area in the North of Peru is a mecca for surfing and kitesurfing, so if you're a sea lion, you are sure to love it here. You can be a total beginner or a seasoned surfer - there's waves for everyone!

Where we'll stay

El Faro Adventure Resort is the one and only Hotel in Pacasmayo overlooking the surf spot. Placed on top of a hill, you can check the surf every morning, and enjoy the sunrise undisturbed.


Daily morning practice. Individual guiding from Iris throughout your stay to help your practice. See below for an overview of all things included. Early bookings are guaranteed a room with ocean view. 

4-person Room

US $796 per person 7 nights

US $ $966 per person 10 nights

Tripple Room

US $795 per person 7 nights
US $966 per person 10 nights

Double Room

US $910 per person 7 nights
US $1080 per person 10 nights

Single Room

US $1024 per person 7 nights
US $1195 per person 10 nights


Arrival day is anytime on April 3rd. Program starts the following day in the morning. Closing ceremony on Sunday 12th. Departure day is April 13th. 

Daily program

7:00 AM | Meditation (optional)
7:30 AM | Yoga 
9 AM | Breakfast buffet
10 – 1 PM | Surf time!
1 – 2 PM | Join for lunch in town or do your own thing
Wind usually picks up around 2 pm for those wanting to kitesurf.
5:30 PM | Yoga Workshop

7:00 PM | Dinner buffet

Schedule might change. If the best swell is early in the morning, yoga will be postponed to after breakfast.

Yoga workshops

The theme of the workshop will vary depending on the group. Some days we’ll work on technique and specific asanas to either strengthen or open. Some days will be more meditative, doing pranayama, mantra singing, and journaling/discussing philosophy. 

Surf lessons

You can choose to take surf lessons for US $80 per week. The lessons include board rental and approx. 2 hours with an instructor every day. Best time to surf is morning until around 2 pm when the wind picks up.


The kite spot is the same place as the surf spot – right below the hotel. The wind blows offshore from the launching spot, and side-off out in the waves. Boat rescue service is optional, but recommended. You can pay US $80 for unlimited use of the service the whole length of your stay. 

The spot is only appropriate for experienced kiters. It is not a good spot for beginners because of the wind direction and waves. That being said, it is THE BEST wavespot both for those with little experience in waves and for the seasoned riders.

Check the swell and wind statistics for Pacasmayo

What's included

  • Acccommodation of your choice
  • Yoga every day
  • Yoga workshops for the ones booking Yoga Immersion
  • Breakfast buffet
  • Dinner buffet
  • Herbal teas & filtered water

What's not included

  • Flight
  • Airport transfer
  • Lunch
  • Surf lessons or board rental

How to get here

Book a flight to Lima.

Do a separate booking for the flight from Lima to either Trujillo or Chiclayo airport. Both airports are about 1,5 hours driving distance from the camp, and flight time is 1 hour and 15 mins. 

These flights depart regularly, and are cheap, making it easy to find a departure that fits your arrival time in Lima. Minimum recommended transfer time in Lima is 1 hour. 

Take a taxi from the airport to El Faro Resort in Pacasmayo. Estimate 1,5 hours driving time for the price of around US $50.


Option by bus: from Lima directly to Pacasmayo. Luxury standard with tv, wifi, and seats you can recline all the way. It takes 11 hours, so taking it by night is recommended. Price around US $20.