Podcasts is an important part of my everyday life. It is how I acquire knowledge and stay inspired. Usually I listen to 1-3 podcasts every day while commuting to classes.



Acast is my go-to app for podcasts. Here’s a list of the podcast’s I listen to:

  • Yoga Revealed Podcast
    The best yoga podcast!
  • Yogi Misfit Sessions
    I love the host. Honest conversations about life and yoga.
  • Yogaland Podcast
    Some interesting topics, some less interesting topics. More anatomy and alignment.
  • J. Brown Yoga Talks
    Interesting guests. Sometimes the intro’s are too long.
  • Invisibilia
    My favourite show about human behaviour.
  • Hidden Brain
    Science and storytelling about human behaviour.
  • Aubrey Marcus Podcast
    A modern life philosopher interviewing guests on everything from business to psychedelics.
  • Oprah’s SuperSoul Conversations
    An array of celebrity guests about the deeper meaning of our world.
  • This is Love
    Sweet and sometimes sad stories about love.
  • Yoga Talk Show with Luas Rockwood
    Factual talks about yoga, nutrition, and health.
  • The ONE Thing
    Some good tips for entrepreneurs, but listening requires undivided attention.
  • The Wisdom Podcast
    Interviews with leading Buddhist thinkers.
  • Happier with Grethcen Ruben
    Self-help podcast. Not the best entertainment, but thought provoking.
  • Mindrolling Podcast
    A bit of a snore, but some hidden gems.
  • On Being with Krista Tippett
    Some really interesting talks about things that shape our lives.



The app for music and talks that I can’t find on Spotify or Acast.

  • Ashtanga Dispatch
    Long talks with leading teachers within the Ashtanga community.
  • The Achievement Trap Podcast
    Hosted by Brandilyn Tebo, a talented entrepreneur within self-help and spirituality.

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